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Sonic the Hedgehog - Misc. Collection Part 3

None of these items are for sale - Picture taken in May 2012


Classic Sonic -Black-
Modern Sonic and Rings - With Detachable End w/keychain


Chaos Emerald Candies in Classic Sonic Tin


Sonic X Playing Cards
Sonic Playing Cards from Gameworks
Sonic X Trading Card Game Booster Box

Sonic Chronicles: the Dark Brotherhood Preorder with game Stylus’

Sonic Beverage Material

1.5 Liter Glass Classic Sonic & Tails Mug
4 Classic Sonic “Mini” Glasses
Classic Sonic Plastic Cup with attached straw
Classic Sonic Plaster Frost Mug
Sonic Game Works Shot Glasses Single and Double
Modern Sonic Shot Glass
Sonic the Hedgehog SPEED Energy Drink -Still contains drink-

Classic Sonic Fleece Blanket

Sonic the Hedgehog Wii Charger Figure

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